We, the Dutch people, will have – on our request – a referendum on April 6, on the EU-Ukraine-Agreement. Everywhere in Western media this Agreement has been propagated like if both sides will profit, and it is only about trade, freedom and democracy.

However, this is not the reality of the Agreement. Being just ordinary citizens we want to make clear to our fellow citizens that this Agreement isn’t ‘just’ about trade at all. It is meant to integrate Ukraine in the large EU burocratic, juridical and political system. Nearly a year after the Greece failure, Brussels show up with an even more failed state and the only goal is to make Ukraine a full member like all other EU-memberstates. This is what Van Rompuy already has stated explicitly, and what other EU-leaders. You can find Van Rompuy’s quote on our front page among INTERVIEWS.

We believe that this Agreement will have only losers, except some Ukrainian and Brusselian oligarchs. The people of Ukraine loose their last parts of sovereignty and will suffer from the strict EU-regulations and from closed borders with their former trade partner Russia. On the other hand Ukraine is bankrupt, corrupt and in civil war. This is not a country which is ready to get integrated in the EU at all.

Beside the questionable roles the EU and Washington played in the Maidan revolution, and actually strikes back as a fundamental critique towards Brussels and Washington’s foreign policy, the citizens (‘burgers’) of the Netherlands want to make a clear ‘NO!’ on April 6th against EU’s and NATO’s imperial policy. We want to regain our soverignty, and to stop this Agreement will be a good start.